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BST series of horizontal ESP
This product is a new patent product R & D (Patent No.: ZL 200420024114.1), with small resistance, air distribution uniform, stable operation, high dust removal efficiency, gas processing capacity, long service life, purification and recovery of useful material characteristics to light industry and other industrial waste gas.
Performance characteristics:
1, the computer full set design, the design is accurate and reliable.
2, shell adopts frame structure, high strength, good stability, can be designed according to different pressure and temperature.
3, a gas inlet and outlet way according to the layout and design features of gas into a variety of forms, layout flexibility.
4, the flow resistance and flow guiding type airflow distribution device, airflow distribution is good, no clogging phenomenon.
5, the discharge electrode connected with the frame is reasonable, no dropping, breaking condition.
6, the side arm hammer rapping, rapping force uniform effect is good, easy cleaning.
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