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Cylinder type converter gas dry (LT) ESP
Mainly consists of a circular cylindrical shell, converter gas dry electrostatic precipitator dust, ash cleaning system and output system. Because the converter flue gas containing CO large number of combustible gas, easy to produce explosive, so the dust remover is designed into a cylindrical shape, and is provided with a safety explosion-proof door corresponding imports in the horn, in order to eliminate the pressure of shock waves that are produced in the production process. Electrostatic precipitator is equipped with four electric field by electric flue gas dust treatment dust concentration less than 10mg/Nm ³, electrostatic precipitator dust collecting part match model to adapt to the characteristics of converter process requirements, the board structure, the dust collecting electrode trapping by mechanical vibration and a special ash scraping device, the dust concentration in the bottom of the chain conveyor, a double dust valve will dust discharge. Cylindrical electrostatic precipitator dust removal equipment, it is the key of converter gas dry dedusting system.
Performance characteristics:
Polar form with 1, excellent. In 4 separate electric field as the precipitator, arranged in parallel. Each electric field using the ZT24 type electrode, the flue gas temperature is higher, so the anode plate adopts a temperature resistant material. According to the order of 4 electric field, the cathode adopts different forms and materials.
2 safety explosion-proof performance, good. The dust removal equipment using compressive cylindrical shape, but also in the tapered import and export respectively provided with explosive device leakage and reliable, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the long-term operation of the dust collector.
3, precipitator internal fan ash blowing device, the dust remover ash blowing device used gear drives the arc rack, and the dry oil lubrication, ensure the smooth operation of the ash scraping device.
4, high temperature resistant chain conveyor. The equipment adopts the reliable high temperature chain conveyor for conveying, ensure smooth ash transportation.
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