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Electric bag composite dust collector
Dust containing gas through the inlet flue first enters the dust precipitator, flue gas first passes through the front stage electrostatic precipitator, give full play to its high concentration of dust collection efficiency is high (more than 80%) and low resistance advantages, after entering the stage of bag, not only the dust concentration is reduced, and the level before the charge effect and improve the filtering characteristics of dust in the filter bag, the bag, air permeability and cleaning performance is significantly improved, the service life is greatly improved.
Performance characteristics:
Electric field pre dedusting filter bag cleaning cycle extended, saving cleaning energy consumption, prolong the service life of the filter bag;
Improved powder bag surface layer structure electric field charge effect, reduce the resistance bag;
Less investment, lower operation and maintenance cost;
Field of application:
Suitable for medium and large thermal power units, waste incineration, cement building materials, especially suitable for reforming the old unit electrostatic precipitator efficiency;
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