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JLMC (CDMC) series of low-voltage long with pulse dust collector
The product is in the pulse jet (JetPulse) based dedusting technology, to meet the large volume of flue gas purification needs of low pressure pulse bag dust collector, it not only has the cleaning ability than reversed blowing bag filter of strong, high dust removal efficiency, low concentration of emissions, but also has the characteristics of stable and reliable, consumption volume low, covers an area of small, especially suitable for processing large quantity of flue gas. JLMC (CDMC) series has been widely used in the world long low-voltage pulse bag dust collector, in the home also has a lot of promotion, use, recovery and purification and powdery materials have been applied to the normal cement, metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials, food, machinery, carbon black, shop, waste incineration, industrial furnace or high temperature dust gas.
The product has the advantages of sectional reverse blow and pulse cleaning of two kinds of precipitator, overcomes the disadvantages of sectional reverse blow ash strength is insufficient and the general pulse cleaning dust attached, the cleaning efficiency, injection frequency is greatly reduced, the product also use submerged pulse valve, reduce the blowing air pressure and energy consumption of equipment in operation, the filter bag is prolonged, the pulse valve service life, comprehensive technical performance has been greatly improved.
Advantages and characteristics:
1, the design is novel, the structure of high temperature air, coarse particles directly into the hopper, the effective protection of the bag.
2, the long bag, under the same processing equipment covers an area of small, more convenient for the transformation of the old plant.
3, the sub chamber off-line cleaning, high efficiency, dust two times less adsorption, and effectively reduces the energy consumption of the equipment, the degree of fatigue bag and pulse valve is decreased, and the service life of the filter bag pulse multiplied, greatly reducing the equipment operation and maintenance costs.
4, maintenance for the bag can be kept in the fan system, the normal operation of the system under the condition of room.
5, the bag bag with the spring tensioning structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, good sealing performance.
6, the gas tightness design, and kerosene leak detection, minimize air leakage.
7, the whole machine is controlled by PLC computer, realize the automatic cleaning, unloading, automatic temperature control and over temperature alarm.
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