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Rotating low pressure pulse bag type dust collector (blowing technology of rotating spray)
Dust containing gas through the inlet flue, flue baffle and enter the large the inlet baffle door, large dust particles carrying gas because of gravity, inertial impaction and diffusion of air speed reduction, direct settlement falls in the bucket, and the fine powder particles with air into the filter bag chamber, dust is blocked in the outer surface of the filter bag, purified gas from the mouth of bag enters a clean air chamber, and then through the outlet valve into the net gas flue, chimney into the atmosphere by the air blower is introduced.
Technical characteristics:
1, compact structure, convenient operation, small running resistance;
2, safety and reliability, long service life;
3, cleaning pressure low, small energy consumption.
Field of application:
Suitable for medium and large thermal power units, cement and other large volume of flue gas.
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