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PPCS (LPF) air box pulse type dust collector
The product is based on the introduction of America fule company technology, absorb the advantages of similar products of German technology, new and efficient bag type dust collecting equipment according to the situation of our country developed, it and sectional reverse blow and blow the advantages of pulse bag type dust remover as one, overcome the chamber blowback deashing kinetic energy shortage, defect jet pulse cleaning dust filter and at the same time, expand the scope of application of bag type dust collector equipment. The advantages of similar products at home and abroad of the product, a combination of environmental protection and patent technology of our company, effectively improve the collection efficiency and operation reliability of air box pulse bag type dust remover, prolong the service life of the filter bag, reduces the labor intensity of the operators, to become the best partner of environmental protection enterprises.
Performance characteristics:
1, pulse off-line cleaning, dust removal efficiency up to 99.9%, dust free two times of adsorption, especially suitable for treatment of high concentration gas.
2, using the high temperature flue gas blowback, effectively prevent dewing, paste bag phenomenon.
3, the new easy ash cleaning bag use, reliable gas tracking system, can adapt to all kinds of flue gas condition.
4, fully automatic computer control, easy operation, good reliability.
5, the gas tank type structure, reduce the local resistance loss, and avoids the problem of inconvenient installation of bag.
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