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B-HSL series of sinter board dust collector
The products are widely used in metallurgy, rare earth, chemical pharmaceutical, food and other industries with high recovery value of dust and the environment very stringent requirements of industrial field. The product has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, long service life, convenient repair and maintenance and other characteristics, especially suitable for flue dust treatment dew condensation and hygroscopicity strong, unique and has the advantages of filtering oil dust and fibrous dust, electrostatic precipitator and baghouse incomparable, represents the development direction of dust collector the.
The work principle of B-HSL type sinter board dust collector and the common bag type dust collector is basically the same, the difference is that the filtering mechanism of sinter plate belongs to the surface of the filter, is mainly the screening effect. Resistance range so the sinter board dust than the bag type dust collector is small, the system operation is relatively stable. Cleaning process of the device is different from other dust collector, it is completely on the air reverse blowing the dust layer from the sinter plate reverse wash down, deformation or vibration in the process not sinter plate. Dust from the plastic board in sheet fall, rather than dispersed flying, so do not need too much back blowing air velocity.
Working principle.
1, material characteristics:
At present main products are 70 ℃ and 160 ℃ heat resistance two, can also be made of antistatic filter plate.
The external shape of the corrugated shape, interior is divided into 8 or 18 cavity, not only the strength, is the need for gas powered, it can ensure the pulse airflow cleaning, at the same time to clear dust filtration plate attachment.
The parent foundation of precise sintering, forming pore uniformity, good strength, without a framework supporting, at the same time, the installation and replacement is very convenient.
2, performance characteristics:
The dust collecting efficiency is high. General emission concentration can be maintained in the 2mg/m? The following, on the 2um ultrafine dust collecting effect can maintain 99.9%.
The pressure loss of stability. Dust collector operation after the treatment volume does not change with time.
The dust cleaning effect. A resin is inherent inertia and smooth surface is almost not with other substances adsorption phenomenon; two is the filter plate steel is good, is the pulse back blowing air will not be weakened by the filter plate deformation after the buffering and absorbing.
The strong moisture resistance. Because the material and coating filter plate with a hydrophobic completely, the high temperature smoke and dust moisture condensation so strong as ammonium phosphate, calcium chloride, soda, Glauber’s salt and has good use effect.
The long service life. In general, the filter plate failure free operation time is up to 75000 hours.
The dust collector structure miniaturization. The filter plate surface is wavy, spread is 3 times the size of the area, so the dust collector assembly after the space is only the same bag filter in general specifications.
It is convenient to maintain. The filter element is almost no maintenance, but the special profession, need to clean the filter plate.
High temperature sinter board dust collector:
High temperature sinter different precipitators and normal temperature sinter board dust collector plate base plate is different, generally by the clay, glass and other materials for the matrix, temperature up to 350 ℃, has excellent chemical stability.
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