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BGF series single bed grain of high temperature dust collector
The two layer filtration on the coarse fine, dust containing gas first through the coarse filter layer, filter out the great part of dust, after fine filter, filter fine dust, coarse filter and fine filter set in one, high filtration efficiency and the coarse filter fine filter dust holding capacity set to high a body. Cleaning, two layer media stream and not mixed together, the upper material is always floating in the lower filter material, forming immiscible stratified fluidized bed, keep the double filter layer structure. Filtrati. Filtration efficiency can reach above 99.99%, the bed dust holding capacity reached 10 times of single layer filter layer.
Performance characteristics:
1, high efficiency. The dust removal efficiency reached 99.99% (emission concentration < 5mg/ m ³). Not only can effectively remove fine dust, submicron smoke can effectively remove fuel from.
2, high temperature resistant. The inner shell such as the use of ordinary carbon steel, resistant to 450 ℃; such as the use of the boiler steel, resistant to 550 ℃; such as the use of heat resistant steel, resistant to 850 ℃.
3, high reliability. No moving parts, durable, maintenance is simple, low cost.
4, investment, maintenance and low operation cost.
5, pressure drop. The pressure drop of the bed <1600Pa.
6, allowing entrance dust concentration, up to 200g/ m ³.
The scope of application:
Flue dust is suitable for chemical industry, metallurgy, materials, energy, burning furnace, such as blast furnace, metallurgical industry, electric arc furnace, converter, open hearth furnace of copper smelting furnace, aluminum melting furnace; building materials industry of cement kiln, glass kiln, ceramic furnace; chemical engineering petroleum cracking furnace, furnace, calcium carbide furnace carbon black nitrogen fertilizer plant, gas stove; solid waste incinerator; energy system IGCC, CO production of hot coal gas dust removal. The specific application can be divided into the following four categories:
A, dust collector temperature adaptation range, especially suitable for the furnace flue gas temperature variable (such as blast furnace gas sometimes below 50 ℃, sometimes higher than 600 ℃), this kind of situation if the wet dust, waste heat can not be used, and the high water consumption, wastewater treatment complex; if the dust bag, requires complex temperature control equipment waste heat utilization rate is low, and the. Using GDF, not only waste heat utilization rate, but also save the complex temperature control equipment, simplify the system, reducing the investment, operation and maintenance costs.
Two, the dust collector, the high-temperature waste heat with the clean air into the downstream equipment is clean and efficient use of.
Three, the dust collector, can avoid the generation of condensate, cooling and dedusting, elimination of condensate and sewage treatment.
Four, the dust collector, can generate harmful substances from flue gas cooling.
Product specifications:
GBF uses the modular structure, flexible portfolio, according to the actual situation, the user tailored, processing capacity of up to 5000m ³ /h, to 3000000 m ³ /h.
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