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Dual Alkali FGD
The technology of:
Na - Ca double alkali method (NaOH or Na2SO3/ Ca (OH) 2) desulfurization process, is based on the limestone - gypsum method combined with wax alkali method to develop a domestic mature desulfurization process. Using sodium salt soluble in water absorption of SO2 in flue gas desulfurization solution, the lime powder. Since the whole reaction process is carried out between the liquid gas, high absorption rate, low liquid to gas ratio, high absorbent utilization rate, investment cost, low operation cost. The desulfurization process for flue gas desulfurization absorption tower and several layers of ten atomized liquid spray droplets gas-liquid contact, make SO2 in the flue gas desulfurization liquid is fully absorb, reaction to remove dust, except SO2, the desulfurization of flue gas after washing after desulfurization absorption tower mist eliminator after dehydration in the chimney into the atmosphere. Desulfurization liquid through the bottom pipes into the sedimentation tank, the supernatant is not overflow into the reaction regeneration pool, with milk of lime pool regeneration reaction, regeneration liquid flows into the pump cycle tank before adding a Na2CO3, with the pump into the desulfurization tower in SO2 cycle. Desulfurization by oxidation is ultimately the gypsum slurry Ca2SO4
The performance guarantee:
1, the desulfurization efficiency of ≥ 90%
2, the desulfurization system resistance ≤ 800Pa
3, liquid circulation regeneration reaction
4, the flue gas after desulfurization of residual moisture ≤ 75mg/Nm
Ionic liquids desulfurization and regeneration process
Ionic liquids desulfurization process and double alkali method, lime - gypsum desulfurization desulfurization tower design is very similar, they are basically the same, the main difference is that the former is the use of a mixed ionic liquid as sorbent, and the latter is the use of calcium hydroxide solution as absorbent, and the most important is the ionic liquid as the desulfurization agent, after a period of time after the loop, containing SO2 ionic liquid solution of large after high temperature above 110 degrees will be a large number of SO2 from the ionic liquid solution analysis, and analytic rate as high as 95%, finally will release concentrated direct SO2 directly to the acid system, so as to realize the ionic liquid regeneration, finally to realize the recycling of the desulfurization tower.
The main technical and economic indicators have reached the following:
(1) flue gas removal rate of SO2 >95%;
(2) compared with the existing industrial desulfurization technology, the overall energy consumption reduced by 25% or more;
(3) desulfurizer renewable and recycled, annual loss rate of not more than 25% of the total used desulfurization agent;
(4) the recovered SO2 can all the resource, and made of industrial sulfuric acid;
(5) except in very small amounts, Recyclable failure desulfurization agent and inorganic salt, no additional industrial wastewater, waste residue, and exhaust emission, the green degree of process is improved more than 1 times than the existing level of technology;
(6) the cost of desulfurization agent is controlled in 30000 yuan / tons;
(7) the comprehensive cost per ton of SO2 desulfurization 30% lower than the level of the existing industrial desulfurization technology.
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