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Semi dry desulfurization spray (Denmark Niro Technology)
The technology of:
The hot flue gas entering the spray dry absorption tower immediately after contact with alkaline desulfurization slurry atomization contact (Ca (OH) 2), acidic components in flue gas (HCI/HF/SO2/SO3) is alkaline droplet absorption and moisture is evaporated, became the basic particles, precise control of gas distribution, control the desulfurization slurry flow and droplet size to ensure the droplets are transformed into a small powder. Some fly ash and slag discharged from the bottom of the absorption tower. The flue gas have been processed into the dust remover to remove the remaining suspended particles. The purified flue gas is discharged through the chimney. At the same time, absorption of dry powder and dust discharged from the bottom of the tower is transmitted to the silo.
Performance characteristics:
1, high elastic operation, to adapt to the change of SO2 concentration of sintering flue gas (SO2:500 ~ 300mg/Nm) conditions. SDA: through the real-time detection of import and export SO2 concentration, the timely adjustment of fresh lime slurry ratio, fast response. Be able to adapt to changes in gas flow rate, composition, concentration;
2, does not produce waste water and wastewater treatment, SDA: low requirements on water quality, water, lake water, river water can use water, river water, generated by wet desulfurization;
3, because the lime slurry droplet PH near 11-12, SO3 absorption rate of 99%, avoid corrosion;
4, you can add activated carbon injection device, the effective removal of dioxin, heavy metals and other pollutants;
5, can facilitate the cohesion and denitration device;
6, drying, desulfurization slag free flow can be easily used in pneumatic conveying process;
7, without lining anti-corrosion layer. Simple process, less investment link, about 15-20% lower than wet;
8, low water consumption, low power consumption, low running costs than wet 15%.
The performance guarantee:
1, the desulfurization efficiency of ≥ 90%
2, the calcium sulfur ratio Ca/S 1.1-1.2
3, the desulfurization system can use rate greater than 98%
4, the pressure drop (with memory): < 2000Pa
5 tons of ore, operating costs 3-5 yuan / ton
Dust emission concentration ≤ 30mg/Nm
7, the load fluctuation range: 20-120%
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