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YJH-II ammonia desulfurization
The technology of:
The product is characterized by the use of ammonia or ammonia as desulfurization agent, the by-product ammonium sulfate concentration using the high temperature flue gas desulfurization, its characteristic is the desulfurization reaction speed, high removal efficiency, low energy consumption, ammonia escape rate of low value by-product, high, and has a certain effect of out of stock.
Flue gas desulfurization by dust collector first into the concentrated humidifying tower, flue gas humidification and cooling before entering the absorption tower flue gas desulfurization absorption tower with height in the liquid atomization [NH42SO3] (SO2 absorption reaction, formation of ammonium hydrogen sulfate [NH4HSO3], and complement in the neutralization reaction of ammonia ammonium sulfite [(NH4) 2SO3], in turn, flue gas through the purification of the top two floors of the moisture separator to remove the droplet, chimney into the atmosphere.
Ammonium sulfite absorption tower bottom formation [2SO3] (NH4) at a certain concentration into the oxidation tower of circulating forced oxidation, ammonium sulfite [(NH4) 2SO3] was completely transformed into ammonium sulfate [(NH4) 2SO4], ammonium sulphate solution into the concentrated humidification tower and high temperature flue gas heat exchange, ammonium sulfate concentration after solid-liquid separation is realized by the cyclone, centrifuge, then dryer further drying, recovery to complete flue gas desulfurization and desulfurization by-product ammonium sulfate product.
The performance guarantee:
1, the desulfurization efficiency of ≥ 95%
2, the nitrogen removal efficiency of ≥ 30%
3, ammonia escape ≤ 10PPm
4, the by-product ammonium sulfate quality conforms to the GB535-1995, "" DL/T808-2002 "standard and ammonium sulfate by-product ammonium sulfate" standard.
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