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Hybrid SNCR-SCR flue gas denitration technology
SNCR-SCR DeNOx Technology is the SNCR technology and SCR technology organically, it is a new technology combining with the characteristics of SCR technology, SNCR technology, high investment and the development of.
Hybrid SNCR-SCR process with two reaction zones, by arranging the injection system of boiler furnace wall, the reduction furnace spray people first reaction zone, at high temperature, reducing agent and NO in flue gas non catalytic reduction, to achieve initial nitrogen. Then, the second reaction zone of SCR reactor reducing agent does not react to hybrid technology, further removal of nitrogen, so as to achieve lower NOx emission.
Technical characteristics:
Far less than that of a conventional SCR system cost can reach 85% of the denitration efficiency;
Reduce the using amount of SCR catalyst to reduce the conversion of SO2 to SO3;
The corrosion and blocking problems caused by small SO2/SO3 transformation;
The SCR reactor is small, the space has a better applicability;
Denitrification system resistance;
No SCR bypass;
Catalyst recovery less;
Can be safely used urea as reducing agent.
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