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Semi dry flue gas purification system of garbage incineration power plant (Belgium Senhers Technology)
The technology of:
Boiler exit flue gas with a lot of dust and harmful gas into the reaction tower and acid gas, authigenic lime slurry oil lime slaking system of rotary atomizer sprayed into the reaction tower, flue gas HCI, SO2, HF and Ca (OH) 2, CaCl2, CaSO3, CaSO4 reaction, CaF2 particles.
The efficiency of CaO consumption amount of reaction with acid gas, initial concentration of acid gases, lime slurry sprayed on the degree of atomization and reaction temperature. Flue gas entrained removing acidic gas with calcium salt dust, combustion neutralization reaction produced and hydroxide unreacted leave reaction tower into the dust, the chemical reaction of high temperature flue gas in the reaction tower and water cooling, the schedule before entering the bag dust is injected into the active carbon, calcium salt and adsorption activity carbon particles dioxin purified further in the dust remover, out the reaction residues in flue gas into the draught fan.
Performance characteristics:
The desulfurization efficiency of 1, acid high;
2, absorbent atomizing effect is good, low consumption;
3, the whole system is a dry process, without boring lining anti-corrosion;
4, according to the export concentration at any time to adjust the absorber to milk quantity adjusting system;
5, two f high absorption efficiency, emissions to meet European standards.
The performance guarantee:
1, dust emission concentration ≤ 30mg/Nm
2, the emission concentration of SO2 ≤ 140mg/Nm
3, the emission concentration of HCI ≤ 60mg/Nm
4, the emission concentration of HF ≤ 2mg/Nm
5, the emission concentration of Hg ≤ 0.2mg/Nm
6, the emission concentration of Ca ≤ 0.1mg/Nm
7, the emission concentration of Pb ≤ 1.0mg/Nm
8, two f ≤ 0.1TEng/Nm
9, the system resistance ≤ 2800Pa
Waste incineration flue gas purification process:
Semi dry + bag dust + activated carbon injection process.
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