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Improved O-SEPA high efficiency separator
O-SEPA high efficiency separator is the third generation of efficient dynamic separator, it has been widely used in cement grinding system of the enterprise, the improved O-SEPA is selected powder in the original O-SEPA machine basis, adopts the most advanced technology, high efficiency separator developed.
Technical characteristics:
1 rotor blades, special shape, so that the powder selecting machine sorting area is enlarged, the separation rate of material in the actual circumstances of the higher, the powder selecting effect is better;
2, the internal rotor powder machine increases the slipstream scattering device has the following advantages:
A) to avoid the drop slip generated, reducing the pressure drop of the powder selecting machine;
B) the air flow generated by the rotation of the energy to the rotor, reduce electricity driving device, while avoiding the slipstream generated energy;
C) selected export powder machine at the tangential velocity due to the use of the slipstream scattering device and reduced, and reduced wear.
3, increased three times the air, so that the powder selecting efficiency can reach above 80%;
4, choose the product particle size distribution is more uniform, particle distribution more reasonable, thus very high specific surface area.
Technical parameters:


Cement output(t/h)

maximum volume of feed(t/h)

Powder selecting air(m³/ming)

main motor





Reduction ratio

 N-350 9-15 45 350 Y160L-4 15 B2SV02B 5
 N-500 18-35 90 500 Y180L-4 22 B2SV02B 5
 N-50 27-54 135 750 Y200L-4 30 B2SV02B 5
 N-1000 36-60 180 1000 Y225M-4 45 B2SV03B 5.6
 N-1250 45-75 220 1250 L280S-4 55 B2SV03B 5.6
 N-1500 54-90 270 1500 Y280M-4 75 B2SV04B 6.3
 N-2000 60-100 300 2000 Y315S-4 90 B2SV04B 6.3
 N-2500 90-150 450 2500 Y315S-4 110 B2SV05B 7.1
 N-3000 108-180 540 3000 Y315S-4 110 B2SV05B 7.1
 N-4000 144-240 720 4000 Y315S-4 110 B2SV05B 7.1
 N-5000 180-300 900 5000 Y315S-4
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