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JH vertical dryer
Patent number: ZL 200320124
With the development of China’s building materials industry and the adjustment of industrial structure, the new technology of new dry process cement production to spread rapidly in China as the representative, technical content requirements of the complete machine equipment must be improved to meet the matching requirements of large-scale cement production line. Our company has developed patented products - vertical dryer drying equipment, the new dry process production line, vertical dryer and other types of drying equipment in comparison, the products have the following characteristics:
1, less investment: new equipment price is only the same specification for rotary dryer 1/2; covers an area of only 25 square meters, is a rotary drying system 1/5;
2, higher yield than the same specification: rotary dryer production to Taiwan more than 86%;
3, low consumption of energy: coal saving 68%, saving 82%, thermal efficiency as high as 93%;
4, use of waste heat of exhaust gas waste heat can be used: rotary kiln 450 ℃ as the heat source for drying, provides a new way for the exhaust gas waste heat of about 450 ℃.
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