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      Today is: 2019 Year 5 month 21 Day  Tuesday
      ·  The system Prot.... [2014/5/9]
      ·  Environmental p.... [2014/5/9]
      ·  The Ministry of.... [2014/5/9]
      ·  The air polluti.... [2014/5/9]
      BDH single cylinder drying machine
      BSH combined three cylinder
      JH vertical dryer
      T-Sepa high efficiency separation powder machine
      Dynamic separator of JMD coal mill
      ZH (B) combined (inner) loop powder selecting machine
      Improved O-SEPA high efficiency separator
      Semi dry flue gas purification system of garbage incineration power plant (Belgium Senhers Technology)
      Hybrid SNCR-SCR flue gas denitration technology
      Selective non catalytic reduction (SNCR) of flue gas denitrification technology
      YJH-II ammonia desulfurization
      Semi dry desulfurization spray (Denmark Niro Technology)
      Dual Alkali FGD
      Limestone - gypsum desulfurization process
      NF-CLC-II type down flow type dust collector
      BGF series single bed grain of high temperature dust collector
      B-HSL series of sinter board dust collector
      JKDC series cylinder fiberglass bag type dust collector
      Mining and metallurgy furnace flue gas purification technology
      LPF (M) series of bag type anti explosion duster
      PPCS (LPF) air box pulse type dust collector
      Rotating low pressure pulse bag type dust collector (blowing technology of rotating spray)
      JLMC (CDMC) series of low-voltage long with pulse dust collector
      Electric bag composite dust collector
      Electric dust bag dust comprehensive technical modification
      Cylinder type converter gas dry (LT) ESP
      BST series of horizontal ESP
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