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The air pollution of 5 or more city will send warning
2014/5/9 閱讀次數:[1098]
Learned yesterday from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, "Jiangsu province heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Revised Draft)" issued, "the draft" improve the emergency command system, the warning standard setting, early warning information release, classification of early warning and emergency response measures to carry out the work in the future, once the province there are 5 or more city air quality pollution air pollution, emergency command center can release air quality pollution warning, launched the emergency plan.
"Draft" clearly, will be on the air quality pollution degree is divided into blue, yellow, orange, red four level warning. Air environmental quality index of AQI reached 300 for the yellow warning, more than 400 for orange signal warning, 450, is the highest level of red warning, our current standard is AQI index reached 300 for serious pollution, can start red warning.
Provincial environmental protection department relevant personage introduces, AQI index is within 200, the pollution degree is low, so the blue warning generally will not start. If there are 5 or more city AQI index reached 300, only by the atmospheric pollution emergency command center to start the yellow or higher level early warning, and emergency measures, such as industrial production, limiting the production of motor vehicle limit line, site work etc.. Reportedly, a regional air pollution is usually haze pollution, an area to take emergency measures are often the effect is not obvious, must rely on the haze pollution of the city together, work together to take on industrial, motor vehicle exhaust, dust pollution control measures, in order to make the regional air quality improved.
"Draft" also provides, the red warning, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should be closed temporarily, open-air homework site all shutdown, motor vehicles except emergency vehicles and the implementation of the single and double limit line, the meteorological department when necessary will also organize the artificial precipitation operation.
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