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The Ministry of environmental protection special inspection of air pollution to curb the momentum of the deterioration of air quality
2014/5/9 閱讀次數:[1223]
The Ministry of environmental protection in the party’s mass line education practice to resolve outstanding issues as the guidance, vigorously carry out the "special" and "special inspection". Department leading Party group group democratic review showed, on the overall situation, learning education, will be the topic of democratic life, the implementation of the rectification is evaluated as "good" and "good" proportion, respectively 98.41%, 98.15%, 97.88%, 96.04%.
The environmental protection department of the relevant person in charge told reporters, in order to improve the air quality, environmental protection department in 2013 submitted to the State Council issued "action plan" for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, and with the relevant departments issued the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and the surrounding areas of the implementation of the action plan for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution rules", proposed 22 policy measures; from 2013 to October, continue to carry out "the implementation to implement the" air pollution prevention and control action plan "special inspection", a careful inspection of the nearly 40 key city monthly, monthly on the enterprises to carry out a "look back", the first step to curb the momentum of the deterioration of air quality; actively carry out "environmental protection special action", "north of groundwater pollution, special inspection" "Beijing Tianjin Hebei atmospheric pollution prevention investigations", environmental safety inspection activities, and earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of the environment.
For grass-roots reflect strong meetings, inspections and assessments of a style problem of multi organs, the Ministry of environmental protection from the cut number of files, control activities and other aspects of "special rectification". In 2013 the Ministry of environmental protection planning for deployment documents amounting to 34%, this year will be based on reduction of 26%; 2013 celebration, seminar, forum, up more than 20, the Ministry of business travel abroad (Habitat) group - 14.5% yoy, meeting the actual meeting 33.3% less than the plan.
At the same time, and the difficult problem on the scope of functions, the Ministry of environmental protection that is known to change, vertical line vertical change. According to "the EIA re approval light regulation, classification management is not perfect", decentralization 25 EIA approval authority, reduce the cost of enterprise; the Beijing Shenyang passenger special construction public environmental concerns, actively coordinating relevant departments end adjustment station, forced the construction unit to strengthen noise reduction measures, the protection of national major infrastructure construction smoothly according to the "; environmental law enforcement is not standardized, with" in jijianzu Department Bureau in 10 provinces and municipalities carried out a special inspection of law enforcement, found the problem 5531, correct 4290.
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