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Environmental protection publicity "leaks" gem of Zhejiang 4 companies raised project exposure
2014/5/9 閱讀次數:[1223]
The environmental protection department of pollution control department director Zhao Hualin pointed out that, although China’s energy-saving emission reduction during the first half of the year has made certain achievements, but the international financial crisis has posed a challenge to the energy-saving emission reduction, the Ministry of environmental protection, energy-saving emission reduction target unchanged, strength is not decreased, the standard does not drop the "three no principle" will not therefore change.
Zhao Hualin is the 2009 ’held recently in Beijing, China energy-saving emission reduction and the comprehensive utilization of resources, speaking at the forum. The forum sponsored by the association of resources comprehensive utilization China, more than 100 representatives from the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of science and technology, various provinces and industry associations and enterprises to participate in the meeting.
It is understood, the impact of the international financial crisis, China’s energy-saving emission reduction work has also encountered serious challenges, mainly displays in: some local energy-saving emission reduction is to relax and fall phenomenon in the intensity of work, work consciousness; has completed the pollution abatement facilities poor functioning, steal row and exceed the standard phenomenon more. Found a special inspection of law enforcement to carry out environmental protection departments in the recent construction projects, 20% projects are not approved environmental violations of the law construction of the first, 25% key sources of pollution control facilities are not normal operation; energy-saving emission reduction insufficient capital investment, the number of new projects to reduce, progress of some projects already started slowly; some have been included in the list of eliminated, or has been shut down enterprises to resume production; energy-saving emission reduction pressure increases, some high pollution, high energy consumption industries to repeat construction phenomenon is more outstanding, iron and steel, cement, plate glass, coal chemical equipment industry disorderly development more serious.
Energy saving and emission reduction in China after three years of hard work, although the significant achievements, but to achieve the task of energy-saving emission reduction and the "eleven five year" energy-saving emission reduction targets, the task is still very arduous. Zhao Hualin said this: "to cope with the international financial crisis, the environmental protection department will adhere to energy-saving emission reduction policies’ three no ’: target unchanged, namely’ eleven to five ’period the total discharge of major pollutants reduced by 10% target must be completed; dynamics does not reduce, how to grasp how to catch; the implementation of the standards will not have the slightest reduction."
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