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The system Protect environment red line delineated responsibilities
2014/5/9 閱讀次數:[1126]
Beijing city PM2.5 the highest reaches 303, 4 times more than the standard limits concentration, serious pollution of the equivalent of 20 cigarettes a day, once again the people back to the cold reality. In addition to the most severe haze across the 1430000 square kilometers of land, the ecological environment problems there are many: troubled north of groundwater and soil chemical pollution, harm of 135 City National acid rain, the city’s garbage siege encounter above 1/3...... Rapid economic development of the Chinese train, seems to fall "sinking interval environmental Kuznets curve", time is not see climbing turn. Ecological and environmental problems, but not the other, has become the biggest risk we are "fired the ball home".
This is our current situation of environmental protection and accelerating the continued deterioration of the environment of mutual wrestling, a can not afford to lose the environmental protection campaign. Race against time, my heart, to compete with reality and bet, bet, is the future of sustainable development, and together with the children, billions of people’s health. Environmental pollution, ecological damage, climate change, three "Environmental Mountain" is the pressure in the Chinese head, let the experience economic and social transformation of ancient oriental country walking more faltering. Fortunately, we have not the loss of time, never give up hope, surrendered.
The Third Plenary Session of the eighteen release, although relates to ecological civilization is only a 170 words, but "top-level design system for the protection of the ecological environment" has been ready, the central leadership "in the protection of the ecological environment can not go one step beyond" vigorous attitude throughout the. It is worth mentioning that, although "delineation of ecological red line" was not the first appeared, but appear in the file in the decisions of the party is absolutely is the first. The establishment of the "bottom line" consciousness, it is to break the protection of the ecological environment situation of reform "strokes".
In the past, not Protect environment system and innovative measures, most of the time, missing is often chess consensus and common action on a plate. For example, ecological compensation, carbon trading pilot has been carried out, but throughout the enthusiasm is not high, insufficient to support energy-saving emission reduction responsibility; as early as 2011 development and Reform Commission proposed "Ecological Compensation Ordinance", but aborted. The ecological environment of continuous walking painful lesson downhill fully explained by environmental pollution, birth, development of automatic transformation by the individual departments of local officials, bold breakthrough on ideological consciousness to achieve environmental protection old wrist reform, fundamental impassability. In the official promotion with GDP under the condition of the hook, any hindrance GDP environmental initiatives in vain.
Where is the way out? A vivid example of this year, when in September the State Council issued the "air pollution prevention and control plan of action", and the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and the surrounding areas made the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution "responsibility", all localities and departments to decide promptly and opportunely initiatives have put on the agenda. Hebei last year is still busy on projects, only Tangshan, Handan has more than 10 blast furnace, the new steel capacity of about 20000000 tons, now, have to abide by the commitment, 5 years out of 60000000 tons of steel production capacity of compression. Visible, restrain the local government at the expense of the environment to increase the GDP and revenue impulse, the key is to rely on the bottom line, the red line constraint consciousness. Especially, with the red line way to clarify the responsibility not reformers, avoid adverse elimination first reformer may not end well, this is the key to any reform to obtain good execution place.
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