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The installation instructions for ESP
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1, applicable scope
L.1 this specification is applicable to electrical precipitator installation. With reference to the implementation of technical renovation, overhaul or.
Special provision 1.2 same type electric precipitator and some products are inconsistent with the specification, according to special provisions.
1.3 normative references
JB / T5910 - 1997 electrical precipitator
JB / T8536 - 1997 electrical machinery dust collector mounting technology
JB5908 - 1991 electric dust remover main sampling inspection and packaging and transportation storage specification
JB / T5906 - 1997 electric dust collector anode plate
JB / T5909.l 4 ESP porcelain insulator
2, equipment storage and acceptance
2.1 the equipment arrived at the scene, according to the following requirements for safekeeping.
2.1.l yard to the rational distribution, solid foundation, for shipment, assignments, and prepare for flood and waterlogging prevention facilities.
2.1.2 products to meet the pre stack and installation process requirements, avoid repeated unlucky to prevent deformation.
Regulation of 2.1.3 ESP parts packaging and transportation, storage, marking shall be in accordance with JB5908 - 1991.
2.2 equipment acceptance
2.2.1 equipment out of the box, checking, approval shall be factory, user, the construction unit to participate in the.
2.2.2 acceptance conditions
A. supply technology file list, packing list and other documents;
Match design models, B. equipment nameplate on the specification, quantity and engineering;
C. to check the quality of products, such as transportation, loading and unloading, storage process of deformation and size change, should be corrected, to scrap and replacement of not repair to;
On the basis of D. equipment acceptance standard manufacturers design drawings, technical documents and JB / T59lO 1997 provisions.
3, the preparation before construction
3.1 installation unit should be familiar with the equipment structure, performance, design drawings and relevant technical documents, the preparation of construction organization design documents and construction quality, construction process to make strict quality inspection record.
3.2 according to the requirements of construction organization design, site formation, platform installation, lifting machinery, special equipment etc..
3.3 porcelain products pressure test shall comply with JB/T5909.l 4 provisions.
3.4 factory equipment technical disclosure, to technical guidance to the construction period when necessary.
4, electric precipitator installation
4.1 installation sequence of ESP: because of the ESP is a large outdoor equipment, the installation site and conditions vary, the construction unit of the personnel and equipment conditions are not the same, so the construction unit can according to the following we provide common electric precipitator installation sequence selectively construction.
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