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Bag dust collector installation instructions
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The dust cleaner manufacturing unit is installed by the installation. Install the unit responsible for the assembly, split member site installation and paint all the work.
Equipment in the installation site must check. The package number, equipment name drawing number (or specification) according to the packing list, number or other forms of delivery list, one one count parts, tools, accessories (or material), certificate and other technical documents, one one record, check must go through the relevant formalities, and safekeeping, if damage should be timely repair, correction.
All accessories, tools and technical documents should be attached to the unit storage equipment.
Out of the box to box surface sketch and remove cover, may damage the equipment.
Necessary for the installation process of hoisting equipment, tools, accessories and various temporary reinforcement is not manufacturing factories, responsible for the installation unit. The use of the installation manual, installation unit according to the level of mechanization of hoisting equipment, in ensuring the premise installation engineering quality, may be appropriate for the appropriate change, adopt other effective method of installation.
The first chapter general notes
A, scope of application
Scope this installation manual is steel structure filter (including overhaul platform and ladder) and from factory to split after leaving the factory, assembly work at the construction site to the overall installation engineering installation of end of range, the construction unit can confirm the construction scheme.
Two, the relevant regulations, rules and standards
Steel structure of dust collector (including overhaul platform and ladder) in the installation work should be in accordance with the provisions of the proposed specific installation instructions and requirements, and shall comply with the relevant regulations, rules and standards issued by the state:
Code for design of steel structures 1 GB-2003;
Code for construction and acceptance of steel structure engineering 2 GB-2001;
3 JB/T8471-96 technology requires the installation of bag type dust collector and acceptance specification;
4 GBJ235-82 industrial pipeline engineering construction and acceptance specification;
5 GB985 ~ 986-88 welding basic forms and sizes of.
Item three, the general attention
Before the installation, should explain the installation manual, installation drawings and technical, fully master the required material type, quantity and the relevant parts, accessories content at the same time, we should all kinds of machinery and equipment, tools for installation process, and the organization of the construction site construction installation, the installation work can be carried out smoothly and ensure the quality of engineering. At the same time, should be installed in accordance with the standard of strict examination of each operation results on various installation. If exceed the standard, error, should be timely correction.
The second chapter installation engineering
One, the installation order
Consider lifting sequence and installation space room, under normal circumstances should according to the following process installation:
The surface of the earth
The body is installed
The calibration measurement
Basis of inspection and acceptance
Lower frame installed
Calibration basic plane diagonal level
An assembly
The ash on installation
Diagonal plane calibration calibration and hopper
In the box body assembly
In the cabinet installation
In case the plane diagonal plane calibration and calibration
The air inlet pipe and an air inlet adjusting valve assembly
The air inlet pipe, an air inlet adjusting valve installation
The upper box assembly
The upper box body, a wind system, the bypass duct installation
Poppet valve, by-pass valve plate (if any) assembly
Bypass valve, poppet valve, air tank
Platform, handrail installation
Compressed air pipeline, an electromagnetic pulse valve, differential pressure device installation
Gate valve, unloading system, air gun, an electric heater is installed
Integral Insulation (if any) installation
Bag, bag cage installation
The final installation bag test and blowing pipe
The paint on the surface
Two, based on inspection and acceptance
1 Basic check according to check the following:
(1) receive the basic check list (provided by the construction unit).
(2) the position and height of center mark origin, reference point. Lit dusting
(3) a line (the center line, line line).
(4) base surface should be smooth, no obvious inclination or uneven, the surface should be smooth and flat base.
(5) the position and the size of pre embeddedanchoring bolts and reserve height.
(6), the middle of the reserved hole depth size.
(7) to the origin or point of reference for quasi, measured by column center line and the height of foundation must map and consistent.
(8) the column size should be consistent and graph, diagonal dimension should be equal.
(9): the ruler and the level meter measurement tools.
Acceptance of 2 basic:
Acceptance should be based device using the unit, basic construction units and equipment installation company to the scene together, for approval according to the above requirements, and fill out the basic check list.
Three, column installation
1 check whether the deformation components, such as deformation, should be stacked is transported to the construction site after correction.
According to the classification of member 2 column installation drawing check drawings of the parts will be delivered to the site. The same parts separately stacked around the assembly site and crane, the scope of work site.
The 3 column, beam, inclined strut assembly accuracy requirements are as follows:
1) column
The ranks of the line spacing: + 2.5mm
Verticality: (0.5 ~ 1) H/1000
Horizontal diagonal difference: L/1000, no more than 10mm
2) The installation level: L/1000 Lateral bending: L/1000, no more than 10mm
3) brace: tolerance + 5mm
Hoisting, column 4:
1) the crane configuration: the crane is arranged on the central base outside the operating radius, the crane can effectively lifting each column line frame.
2) will be suspended on the basis of the column, the column base plate and anchor bolts, temporary steel cable-stayed fixed and top.
3) each hoisting a post, first with a column as fixed, and then they are connected by the beam, and with the ruler measuring column, diagonal resize equal, finally remove the wire rope. Lifting column.
Locating center 5, frame and fixed:
1) in the mounting bolts and welding parts (higher than 2 meters position) should be temporary scaffolding.
2) column center location:
A. from the X, Y direction with two theodolites simultaneous determination of each column verticality.
If the lower part of the column B. in the center line, it will be moved to the upper part of a column view, and confirm the offset degree is in the allowable range.
C. if there is some offset, to put the adjustment plate in the column base plate adjustment, until the meet the design requirements.
D. determination of the diagonal size, check the installation conforms to the design requirement, the diagonal dimension is measured:
(I) A, B, C, D column, diagonal dimension framework;
(II) allows error: diagonal is less than 7mm;
(III) the modified method: hanging on the rope in the diagonal direction, the pulley chain hanging on the top, by adjusting the length of the wire rope to adjust the diagonal size.
3) fixed:
Center location, the diagonal adjustment is completed, begin to tighten all bolts and welding (including with Zhejiang framework is divided into surface welding).
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