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Instructions for use of electric dust collector bag
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A, BST electric bag composite dust remover, technical characteristics: BST type electric bag composite dust collector, is my company technical personnel in engineering practice, a new type of high efficiency dust collector development. It makes full use of the advantages of electrostatic precipitators and bag filters respectively, and two kinds of technology are combined, the collector is stable and efficient, the low resistance and long service life, low operation cost, maintenance is simple and convenient, the advantages of small occupation area etc.. Widely used in electric power industry.
The principle and structure of the two, the product:
⒈ Principle:
First of all, BST electric field, bag dust collector is arranged in the front, most of dust collecting dust, dust collection efficiency as high as 75%, submicron dust charging through the field and reaching the end has not been collected. Back end is provided with filtering area, the dust concentration and dust have been pre charged through the filter bag and is collected, reach the emission concentration ≤ 50mg/Nm3 environmental protection requirements. So as to achieve the dust pretreatment and dust grade function, reduce the rate of rise of bag filter resistance, extend the filter bag cleaning cycle, avoid coarse particle erosion, and finally to prolong the life of filter bag and pulse valve, improve the comprehensive utilization of fly ash to. And the surface of the filter bag dust osteoporosis, improve air permeability, reduce resistance. BST electric, bag type dust collector, flue gas import and export using large chamber structure Ping Jinping goes out, body resistance than the domestic conventional pulse bag type dust collector is decreased to some extent, to ensure that equipment resistance loss lowest in equipment structure.
So, BST electric bag composite dust collector can reduce dust resistance, improve the cleaning efficiency, so that the overall performance of the equipment is improved.
When precipitation electrode and the corona polar adsorption of dust, starting at the top of the electromagnetic vibrator, the dust from the precipitate electrode and the corona electrode surfaces, fall into the bucket.
When the dust bag, outer surface increases, cause the device resistance rises, to set the time or the set value, the control system sends out signal, blowing device starts working, the dust on the surface of the filter bag filter bag from falling into the ash bucket, ash conveying system to the ash storage silo, when blowing over the resistance of the equipment is lower than the set value of finished work, blowing system, and to restore the filtering condition.
Secondly, our company electric bag integration of two kinds of technology to their original covers an area of small, low maintenance characteristics. BST electric bag precipitator field cleaning with top electromagnetic rapping, rapping device located at the top of all the dust, dust catcher is only Yin, anode system, without any transmission components, the device has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, collecting area of the same, than the lateral vibration save 1.2m on each field length, conducive to the process layout. While the low voltage pulse blowing dust rotating jet bag with concentric hanging on the ceiling, the equivalent diameter 130mm, length 8150mm, covers an area of save about 25% than the conventional bag filter.
Anode system field area using C480 board as precipitation, in the factory will be the single piece of plate rolling mill by proprietary, integral rigidity and good stability, high accuracy, vibrating force transmission effect, prevent the two dust effect is good. Cathode system using mast type integral tubular four tooth barbed wire for corona pole, strength, stiffness, in bad conditions, no deformation, continuous line, good vibrating force transmission effect. Electric field area Yin, anode system with top electromagnetic rapping, beat is controlled by regulating the vibration magnitude of the current adjustment, on-off, rapping, rapping cycle time sequence, is very simple and convenient.
Because the top electromagnetic vibration using plate, high reliability of the polar line and placed in the dust air outside the playing device, so the electric field within the ten years free maintenance, external can not stop the machine maintenance. And the vibration to realize the control of point to point, a vibrator control an electric field in a row plate cleaning, if damaged, as long as the removal from the system, half an hour can change is completed. Do not affect other vibration beating device operation. If the lateral flexure vibration, damage a vibrating motor, it will affect a farm operation. Therefore the reliability of top electromagnetic rapping technology recognized in the power plant
Low pressure pulse bag type dust collector dust cleaning provided by local roots blower, so cleaning systems, under normal circumstances two units roots blower can meet the cleaning requirements, the alternate. In the rotary wind pipe with four combined cleaning arm, a nozzle varying amounts of ash cleaning arm rotation, rotation to complete cleaning pipeline non-stop for cleaning bag. Because the rotary arm pulse cleaning can be freely rotated by hand, bag, bag cage can be conveniently taken out and loaded, without like other fixed pulse bag type dust collector, need to dismantle the pulse jet pipe, and the pulse dust collector conventional need dismantling the blowing tube, can be replaced work bag, there needs to be a blowpipe and then re install location, to run the equipment and spinning spraying in individual bags damaged, can be prepared in advance and will cover plate on the cover live on the line, very convenient repair, and conventional fixed pulse bag type dust collector cannot achieve this function. Can say, low maintenance rotary pulse bag type dust collector maintenance for power plant for valuable time, improve power plant efficiency ⒉ Structure:
BST electric bag composite dust remover, body structure mainly comprises a shell, entrance and intermediate flow distribution device, precipitation system, the corona polar system, vibration system, flower plate device, bag and bag, rotating blowing ash cleaning system, electrical and automatic control system.
BST, three, of electric bag composite dust remover has the following characteristics:
1 because of the comprehensive advantages of electrostatic precipitator and bag type dust collector, and therefore not subject to coal and dust restrictions, greatly increase the fine particle collection efficiency, dust collector to adapt to a wide range, high efficiency, large air handling, can control PM2.5 and PM10 effectively, avoiding the pollution of particulate matter on the air;
2 because of dust bag dust removal area of the charged dust layer, the outer surface of the bag the orderly arrangement of the particles, loose structure, thus effectively reducing the resistance. Because the electric dust area itself resistance is smaller, so the dust catcher can keep running resistance is low;
3 the precipitator can not only ensure the export emission concentration is lower than 50mg/Nm3, but also because of the low running resistance, the cleaning cycle is long, therefore, can reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs; at the same time, reduce the cleaning frequency, prolong the service life of the filter bag, extending the replacement time of filter bag;
4 has the advantages of compact structure, small occupied area, flexible layout, bag dust collector can be achieved without downtime in load operation, improve the running rate;
5 bags with blowing bag type dust collector rotating spray, pulse number valve use less, the blowing device can freely rotate, filter bag and convenient assembly and disassembly, convenient maintenance and overhaul.
The following characteristics of concrete structure:
(1) precipitation pole structure using C480 plate, while having excellent electrical properties, high dust collecting effect and vibrating force uniform distribution and transmission attenuation and prevent the two dust and other characteristics, the precipitation with high reliability.
(2) the corona wire with high strength and stiffness, and has excellent electrical properties, high magnetic field. Corona is extremely simple structure are directly connected by beam rigid pole line, completely eliminating the domestic common RS barbed wire, jagged lines and star line often disconnected, falling out of the teeth, deformation is not reliable, so that the corona pole is high reliable.
(3) the precipitate electrode and the corona electrode cleaning all the top electromagnetic vibration, and on the flue gas, the rapping acceleration and vibration force distribution accords with the dust off of plates and polar line, from top to bottom, from large to small, uniform distribution of transfer. The husband killed any vibration, and the vibration force, vibration frequency, vibration intensity, cycle can be adjusted at any time, to obtain the best effect. The two dust can effectively control the vibration cleaning, dust emissions exceed the standard problems caused during, and the vibrator can be realized without stopping the machine maintenance and replacement, can guarantee the high reliability of vibration mechanism.
(4) the electric field can be maintenance free: due to the electric field only precipitation electrode and the corona electrode two parts, without any rotation and drive component, and the precipitate electrode and the corona electrode structure has enough strength and rigidity, high reliable, so the normal conditions can be maintenance free.
(5) in addition, ESP and reliable operation in the treatment of flue gas strong corrosive, covers an area of less compact structure, material saving, low steel consumption, maintenance and repair easy.
(6) rotating pulse cleaning
The filter bag cleaning is the air storage tank of compressed air, the dust collector for automatic measurement of differential pressure signal to the PLC, the PLC boot program, open the electromagnetic valve, the start pulse valve, compressed air through a rotating blowing nozzle spray arm into concentric circles on the ceiling cloth bag to carry out online cleaning. The rotary arm is rotated by the blowing device to achieve.
The filter bag cleaning using three kinds of dust control mode: differential pressure automatic control, time control and manual control. During the normal operation of equipment, by the differential pressure automatic control, time control as a supplement, debugging and maintenance manual control is usually used in the device.
(7) dust control process dust remover
In three kinds of dust control mode filter, in order to adapt to the filter bag dust load variation, which maintained at the lowest drag bag dust removal, transmitted to the PLC through the automatic measurement of dust collector total differential pressure signal, PLC will according to the pressure difference start slow, normal or rapid pulse deashing mode, the pulse valve cleaning instructions issued.
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