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Electric and reform of filter operation and maintenance
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ESP is to use the power of the dust particles in gas separation. The dust removal equipment, with high efficiency, good performance of temperature, gas processing capacity, high degree of automation of operation, widely used in cement plant. The following from the operation, maintenance and talk about on the electric dusting efficiency of several factors.
Effects of one or two times the dust on the dust removal efficiency
Two times 1 vibration caused by dust
Practice has proved, periodic vibration reasonable play can improve the dust collection efficiency, in many cases, gap vibration than the continuous vibration can be reduced by two times 1 / 2 ~ 2 / dust 3, its effect can be seen in the chimney. Increase the dust collecting pole capacity can be reduced by two times the dust rapping, but with the increase of amount of dust, dust settlement will automatically fall off, cause two dust. For high resistivity dust, resistance due to high and not easy to release charge, so that the dust layer increased negative surface charge, rejection of negatively charged dust later, on the other hand, with the dust layer thickness, but also the formation of anti corona, reduce dust removal efficiency.
Due to the electric field of electrostatic precipitator ash degree is different, so the electric field rapping cycle also has difference. The cross vibration mode at the same time, to prevent vibration into the two dust, under normal circumstances, two adjacent the anode is not at the same time shaking, the same electric field of anode and cathode is not at the same time rapping.
Shaking time of the electric field of the same, the specific adjustment, according to the vibration hammer vibration strength, vibration mode, particle size, viscosity of dust to consider. The purpose is to make the electric pole, pole line clean, easy to dust.
Two time dust unloading valve leakage caused by 2
Unloading valve leakage can cause the dust temperature decrease, influence of discharge, also can make the discharging valve wear serious; on the other hand, may cause two dust. To prevent the ash unloading valve leakage way is to use grain level meter control dust, prevent dust discharged cause air leakage.
Effect of two, flue gas temperature on dust removal efficiency
The flue gas temperature in addition to the electrostatic precipitator structure influence, mainly on the dust affect the specific resistance and efficiency of dust, the dust resistivity increases with the increase of temperature, reduce the flue gas temperature, reducing the dust specific resistance, improve the breakdown voltage and the dust removal efficiency. In addition, the flue gas temperature is lower than the dew point but if internal electric field caused by condensation, creepage, more serious is the lead plate, pole line corrosion, reduce the service life of the equipment. So the comprehensive consideration, under normal circumstances, the flue gas temperature control in the dew point temperature above 20 ℃.
Three, control system on the efficiency of electrostatic precipitator
Have an important influence on the dust removal efficiency of electrostatic precipitator performance of the control device of electric dust removal, ceteris paribus, migration velocity depends on the dust removal efficiency of electric dust to dust, but the drive speed is increased with the increase of the electric field intensity, to obtain higher dust removal efficiency, is to improve the electric field strength, also is to make the applied voltage to the electric dust collector as high as possible. Therefore, in order to ensure the power supply voltage to keep working at a high level, requires electronic control device changes occurring in the filter condition, can adapt to the change, automatic adjustment of output voltage, current, the electric precipitator fast tracking mode. To make the voltage reaches the highest, the working voltage regulation is not easy to do, so the choice of control device, to choose the automatic pressure control device, to prevent the manual adjustment not caused voltage is low and the influence the efficiency of electrostatic precipitator.
Four, the electrode cleaning
Timely removal of electrode dust, is one of the important conditions to ensure the normal work of the electric dust collector, an important factor, but also influence the collection efficiency for example: plate dust deposition effectively driving speed of 10 mm thickness of 1 mm thick when 60%. The amount of dust accumulated on the corona electrode less, but the movie was higher, such as dust end timely clear, in corona limit scarring, dust removal efficiency decreased, scarring to a certain extent, will make the dust collector stopped work completely. So it is very necessary for electric dust collector plate, polar ash.
Five, to prevent air leakage
Dust collector shell must be carefully, try to reduce air leakage, if air leakage increase, in addition to cause very wind load increases, but also because of the velocity increases efficiency of dust, in addition, in the treatment of high temperature gas, add cold air can make the local temperature of the flue gas to leak temperature above, will cause corrosion of components of dust collector air leakage, serious local general at the junction of shell Import & export, vibration at the wall and beating mechanism, quartz tube and check into the hole ash unloading valve. The ash and cinder valve leakage may lead to the two dust. For the electric dust because of working in high negative pressure condition, sealed dust collector should pay special attention to.
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